Hologic at ERC 2017

Optimizing VABB Workflow and Patient Comfort: Exploring new Solutions

During this workshop a clinical expert will give participants the opportunity to explore new solutions for biopsy workflow using combinations of a new VABB system and different Tomosynthesis guidance systems. The hands on part of the workshop will cover the new VABB system in combination with the prone biopsy approach using an integrated lateral arm as well as the traditional upright biopsy technique with and without a lateral arm device.

The workshop is designed to allow participants, through interactive exercises to form their own opinion on clinical impact of new VABB workflow solutions. The combination of theoretical knowledge and practical experience during the workshop will lead in to a discussion around the potential impact of using these different approaches to biopsy, on current clinical practice.

Register at Hologic booth #X2/14 or at the workshop area. Seats will be allocated on a first come first served basis


  • Louise Wilcox, Manchester/UK

Room -2.83 & -2.84

Date   Time
March 3, 2017   10:30-11:30
March 3, 2017   13:30-14:30
March 4, 2017   15:30-16:30